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Finecane – Colorado’s Finest Vintage Bamboo Rod Makers was created as a living record that celebrates Colorado’s rich history in fly fishing—specifically around the manufacture of premium bamboo fly rods. This site is a continuously-growing library of excellent examples of bamboo fly rods from the Golden Years beginning around the mid-1910’s through the mid-1950’s.

There were 3 companies that dominated this era in Colorado and their stories are intertwined. Those companies are Goodwin Granger, Wright & McGill and the Phillipson Rod Company, and each is featured prominently on the site. New information about these companies is continually being discovered and Finecane will serve as a living resource for information on Colorado’s finest historical bamboo rod makers.

Finecane grew out of Powell Design as an independent project. What began as an idea, then lead to extensive research, information architecture, concepts, design, production and ultimately implementation. Powell Design continually adds to and maintains the site.


  • Responsive design bridging mobile, tablet & desktop.
  • Rods categorized and sortable by timeframe (era), manufacturer, grade, and length.
  • Rich resource links to catalogs and advertisements of the era.

Finecane - Colorado's Finest Vintage Bamboo Rod Makers

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