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Alcon – Systane iLux2

Our Industrial Design partner DDSTUDIO engaged Powell Design to design the 2nd generation dry eye treatment system for Tear Film innovation which was acquired by Alcon. Building off of the success of their first product, Alcon Systane iLux2 introduced a fully digital display that displays the treatment in real-time from a rear mounted camera—allowing for enhanced detail and visualization of the eyelid. This major update also places all of the controls and functions within a 2.5” touch display. A new UX was created to accommodate these expanded features.

This was a fully integrated design project that included the design of both the hardware and software to create a seamless user experience. Our work began with “zoning” the UX for maximizing screen real estate on such a small display. We then developed both light and dark UI concepts, but ultimately settled on a light UI that influenced the industrial design of the clean, bright product that we have today.


  • Alcon Systane iLux2 is the world’s first meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) thermal pulsation system with imaging that can be used for meibography + gland treatment + HD video replay – all in the palm of your hand. (Source:
  • Alcon Systane iLux2 allows ophthalmologists to customize heat and expression treatments across each easy-to-visualize treatment zone to target therapy where patients need it most.
  • Alcon Systane iLux2 helps patients understand and see the results after the procedure.
Alcon Systane iLux2 UX & UI Design

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