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Telesis Bio – BioXP 9600

Powell Design was engaged by our Industrial Design partner DDSTUDIO to design a complimentary User Interface for the BioXP 9600 from Telesis Bio (formerly Codex DNA). 

The BioXp 9600 system is a high-throughput synthetic biology workstation designed to automate and accelerate the synthesis of genes, clones, and variant libraries from digital sequences. It enables hands-free, overnight synthesis, simplifying complex workflows for researchers. The system includes custom reagent kits for building, amplifying, and assembling DNA fragments, offering a complete solution for rapid, high-fidelity gene and DNA synthesis, DNA cloning, and variant library creation.

This was a fully integrated design project that included the design of both the hardware and software to create a seamless user experience. Our work focused on, first, developing concepts that highlighted different features of the ID, and second, to design a set of screens that appear to blend into the hardware.


  • The new UI design needs to reflect the high-quality visual aesthetic of the BioXP 9600 device.
  • The screen layout was optimized for seamless workflow and usability, to guide even inexperienced users through the entire process.
  • Integration of physical and digital workflows is essential for efficient loading and unloading, enhancing the overall user experience.

Telesis Bio BioXP 9600 UX & UI Design
ClientTelesis BioYear2022PartnerDDSTUDIO

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